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Cycling jerseys are specially made for cycling. Although most of the cyclists worldwide put on conventional clothing, cycling jerseys have its own advantages whether it is sports-oriented cycling or recreational cycling. With cycling jerseys, pockets are placed at the back to hold your water, snacks, keys, and/or other belongings, as pockets in the front would interfere with aerodynamics and ride experience. Along with this, when designing cycling jerseys, it is usually more beneficial to have full zippers as opposed to half zippers for the sake of convenience and allowing the cyclist to control the amount of airflow, resulting in better ventilation and cooler ride.

It is a matter of fact that most of the cycling jerseys used to be made of wool. Therefore, sometimes can become irritating, itchy as well as uncomfortable to ride with. They generate heat and contain moisture. Consequently, it creates discomfort while cycling. So, to rid of this problem, it is recommended to buy retro polyester-based, like the ones sold at cycling jerseys as it offers a completely different experience to its customers.

Polyester is comparatively inexpensive and it can be easily cleaned through most types of non-woven machinery. Therefore, if you buy retro cycling jerseys, you will have a hassle-free experience.If you buy retro cycling jerseys, you will get ultra-thin and soft jerseys that will surely give you a race feel. Besides, retro jerseys are better than standard woolen cycling jerseys as these jerseys consist of highly breathable, UV protective polyester fabrics. Retro cycling jerseys are always better than standard woolen jerseys. There are certain reasons behind this; these are mentioned below:

  • Retro cycling jerseys are more durable as polyester absorbs few amounts of moisture by weight. Besides, these jerseys provide good dimensional stability under a variety of conditions.
  • If you buy retro cycling jerseys, you don’t have to face any problem regarding dry cleaning as these jerseys are very easy to clean. Along with this, these jerseys can easily retain their shape and vibrant colors.
  • Another reason to buy retro cycling jerseys is its non-allergenic aspect. You can wear these jerseys whenever you want as retro cycling jerseys do not promote the growth of bacteria.

Nowadays, retro cycling jerseys are frequently seen as they are coming back into fashion with better quality materials. The UV protective fabric definitely protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. Besides, the weightlessness of this jersey allows you to enjoy every ride from the core of your heart. So, if you are willing to buy retro cycling jerseys, you should know about some of its exciting features which are mentioned below:

  • Retro cycling jerseys come with unique construction in several different fabrics so that it can offer you more engaging performance and retro look.
  • Retro cycling jerseys are bundled with three pockets on the back. It will definitely help you to carry more than one thing.
  • All cycling jerseys offered at feature a silicone waist gripper to prevent any sort of slippage or sliding up your back.

Buy Egan Bernal Retro Cycling Jersey Tour De France 2019
Buy Egan Bernal Tour De France 2019 Cycling Jersey Online

To conclude, we can say that cycling is one of the most engaging sports and if you are not equipped with the perfect outfits, you might not get fruitful results and great riding experience. Retro cycling jerseys can easily resolve this tension as they are the perfect jerseys for cyclists around the world due to its endless advantages.

Remember, not all cycling jerseys are created equal. The manufacturing process, materials used (fabric, ink, colors, etc.) all differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. At, our cycling jerseys are made with high-quality, quick-dry breathable fabric, with hidden YKK zippers. Our cycling jerseys use full sublimation printing with the highest quality Italian inks that won't fade after hundreds of washes to ensure you a peace of mind. Sizing can differ from brands, and we suggest you refer to the sizing charts before making any purchases. A good rule of thumb is to order 1 or 2 sizes larger than your shirt size. Worst case scenario, exchanges, and returns are welcomed at

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